Crime Prevention

With the season of tourism approaching, we must take into consideration all those legal crimes we can encounter, causing damage and anger which could ruin our well-earned holidays. Bathing so popular in summertime can cause a lot of trouble if we do not take preventive action.

If the trouble has already happened

Crime Prevention Information Point

In the Tourinform Office at the Lido Beach entrance
Name: Kisházi, Gábor Mr
Mobile phone: +36 30 400-8945

Acts of beach robbery happen every season. The area of beaches and spas is a popular site among robbers. The large crowd is ideal for someone to lift a handbag quick and unnoticed, and get away with it, heading for the exit in a matter of moments. Robbers do not reconsider what they are stealing; they do their business without selection, lifting everything moveable from minor values to considerable items.

However, these annoying acts could be avoided if we paid a little more attention.

Tips – How we could prevent trouble?

  1. Parking car: Before we leave our car in the parking lot, we have to make sure we had not left any object in the car at a visible place which could attract a robber. Still if we have some luggage that we have to store in a parking car, we should better leave it in the boot. In case of omni space or hatchback car, we have to pull the boot blinds closed, so that no one can see what is in the boot, neither from the sides, nor from the back window.
  2. Safe deposit: After you have entered the beach premises, you have to put your valuables in the safe deposit, while watching over your handbags by turns. On bathing at the beach, do not take valuable items with you unless absolutely necessary – you should better leave them in your home or quarters.

The police is in no easy situation upon investigating cases of beach robbery. The process is made even more difficult by the fact that the injured usually detect the case of robbery only upon finishing their pastime at the beach and have hardly any information about the perpetrator.

What you should do if trouble is in?

Although a large number of people show up at beaches every day, it is hard to find eyewitnesses. Still, if you have been robbed, report to the nearest police station immediately, and use the help of the victim assistant services. You can find more information about this at the following websites:

Spokesperson’s Office of the Hungarian National Police Headquarters

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