5 minutes entertainment – play – laughter – all in one inside safe place!


  • Age: 2-8 years
  • Maximum weight: 40 kg/person
  • Maximum height: 120 cm
  • Maximum number: 6-10 person depending on age
  • Wearing shoes inside is forbidden, recommended to wear socks
  • Slide only for one direction, jumping from it is not allowed and can cause accidents
  • Pushing, poking the others is forbidden
  • Run to the sidewalls directly, climb it or hang on the net is also forbidden
  • The wearing of sharp and edgy objects is not allowed, neither taking them inside
  • Food, drink, chewing gum is allowed only outside of the construction
  • The boat is usable only with parental control keeping all the rules

Wish you a pleasant time: The Captain of the Adventure boat


Lido Beach – Vonyarcvashegy
Adress: 8314 Vonyarcvashegy, Fürdő str. 1.
útvonaltervezéshez kattintson ide»

Mobile: +36 30/380-6690

Mobile playhouse:

  • a trailer-set mobile adventurepark ( size: 6X2,3mX3m)
  • skill-developing and craft games perfect to active time-spending: blowed-up inside space for jumping with different figures and blocks + pool full of balls + plastic slide
  • Target audience: 2-10 years old children
  • •The playing surface suits the instructions of the European Union, Disposed of ÉMI and TÜV examination

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