XII. Wine- and Vinefestival

16. - 19. August 2018.

Wine and Dessert Grape Festival

16-19. August 2018.

 Program square

We would welcome all of our kind guests in our Wine and Dessert Grape Festival. We would offer you different kinds of wines, smooth grapes and traditional food if you visit us. You can have a better insight to our local gastronomy taking part in our 4-days festival.

The streets will be coloured with the loads of handmade handicraft wares that can be purchased directly from their creative and skillful makers.

There’s an opportunity to buy dessert grape there and our local expert, Dr. Bakonyi László is also at your disposal to help you choose.


For further information please contact the organizer, Illésné Major Julianna : 30/ 380-4871

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