XIII. Wine- and Vinefestival

20. - 22. August 2020.

Wine and Dessert Grape Festival

16-19. August 2019.


Friday, 16th of August

7:00 PM Ceremonial opening of the Festival
7:30 PM „Hymn of wine” –  concert of the Szélkiáltó Orchestra
9:00 PM Concert of the Csurkulya Manouche Band
10:00 PM Street dance festival with Helios

Saturday, 17th of August

7:00 PM Performance of the Accordion Orchestra of Zalaapáti
8:00 PM Concert of the „Intermezzo” Latin Club
10:00 PM Street dance festival  with Helios

Sunday, 18th of August

7:00 PM Interactive show for children
8:00 PM Performance of the General Harmony Singers
9:00 PM Norbert Bogdán and his orchestra
10:30 PM Street dance festival with Radio Live

Monday 19th of August

7:00 PM Interactive show for children
8:30 PM Concert of 30 Y
10:00 PM Alternative disco

We are pleased to welcome all of our dear guests at our Wine and Dessert Grape Festival. We will offer you different sorts of wine, dessert grapes and traditional Hungarian food. Visit us!

The festival streets will be full of colourful stalls where handmade handicraft products can be purchased directly from their creative and skilful producers.
There will be an opportunity of buying wine and dessert grape, and our local expert, Dr. László Bakonyi will also be at your disposal to assist you in selecting the most appropriate choice.

For further information please contact the organizer, Tibor Farkas: +36-30-396-8678.

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