VII. Carp Just Great Festival

23. - 25. August 2018.

Carp Festival in Vonyarcvasvashegy 23-25th of August 2018.

The programmes of the festival start at 19.00 and finish at 01.00 every day.
Tasty fish meals and delicious wines are waiting for our guests to taste them.
Handmade handicraft wares can be purchased directly from their makers.

Cultural Program:
Thursday, 23th of August
19.00 Program for children
19.40 The prom of the festival
20.00 Concert of AB/CD
21.30 Street Dance Festival with Silver Band till 01.00

Friday, 24th of August
19.00 Program for children
20.00 Accordion music with Zalaapáti
21.30 Street Dande Festival with Helios Band till 01.00

Saturday, 25th of August
19.00 Program for children
19.40 Announcement of the result of “II. “Fish” Mail Art” competition
20.00 Concert of Marcali 3 Tenor
21.00 Street Dance Festival with Vándor és Kalandorok Band till 24.00

More information about the programmes:

Illésné Major Julianna, 06-30-380-4871

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