27 th Forty Fishermen Anniversary Day-the Day of the Fishermen of Lake Balaton

6. - 8. August 2021.

With love we invite you with your family and your friends

Fisher’s 40 Memorial Day

On street (beach) theatrical meeting

named our event whitch we holding in Vonyarcvashegy
6-15. August 2021.

This tradition originates from the events happened in 1729.

This is a program series lasting for a few days that is held in several locations. Hosting places are our beach, the St. Michael Chapel and Hill, the 40 Fishermen Memorial Sight and the Park of Fishers of Balaton. From the begining one of our catchy attractions is the spectacular firework.


We reserve the program change’s rights!

Information: Farkas Tibor- 06303968678


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