Red Cross

The wooden crucifixes with tin corpuses along the land roads are parts of rural religious art. They have usually been erected to commemorate significant events. Yet we do not know why exactly the „Red Cross” was erected. Still, all of its characteristics are familiar with the wooden crucifixes so popular all over the Carpathian Basin. It is surrounded by a short fence, to remind the passers-by that this is a sacred place. The fence also serves as a protection for the crucifix.

The cross is made of hardwood, several tin elements and ornaments have been attached to it, such as the drip plate, the Sun and the Moon and the jingle bells. The body of Christ is cut out of a tin sheet.

We do not know the exact date the Red Cross was erected. Yet, according to stories by elders, we can be quite sure the Cross was there at the beginning of the 20th century, serving as an important geographical site for orientation within and around the village. Its significance is also proven by a street named after it.

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