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From among the sights, we have collected the possibilities which provide excellent pastime for visitors of Vonyarcvashegy.

In the vicinity of the village you can find such sights and spectacles as the Castle Festetics, the lake of Hévíz or the Balaton Minor.

Sights in Vonyarcvashegy

40 Fishermen Memorial Site
GPS: 46.752469, 17.333282The thankful after-ages have constructed the 40 Fishermen Memorial Site from an old, ruined morgue, where the embossment work of ceramist János Németh recalls the story of the miraculous escape. As an initiative to start a tradition, the “40 Fishermen Memorial Day” is staged here every August, also to honour present day fishermen of Lake Balaton, too.
Monument of Lake Balaton Fishermen
GPS: 46.75571, 17.31705The Park of Lake Balaton Fishermen was established in 1999, which has since then become a popular site of tourists to make memorable photos.
Cseri Gate (Forest Gate)
GPS: 46.792538, 17.330933A natural entrance gate (surrounded by tan oak trees) to the Cseri Woods at Vonyarc. This is where the route makes a three way junction, yet if you go straight ahead on the green tourist path, you get all the way up to the barren land of Büdöskút.
Boat harbour
GPS: 46.754696, 17.30837In the close vicinity of the beach there is the boat harbour suitable for 70-80 boats, operated by the local Aranyhid Fishing Club. Nearby you can find a further 400 metre stretch on the shore, reconstructed to be suitable for lakeshore fishing.
Light Cross and Crossroad
GPS: 46.763854, 17.321835The 7.38 m tall light cross can be found on top of the Csandor Hill, you can experience an unforgettable panoramic view from there. The forest pathway crosses the beautiful woods on the hill.
Willow well
GPS: 46.763964, 17.305859The first cisterns were constructed by the Romans here, one remaining example of which is the Fűz (Willow) or Fis-well. (Source: Dornya Observer, 1934). It got its name from the willow trees surrounding it, almost hiding the well from our sight.
Kitaibel belvedere
GPS: 46.766941, 17.322822

At a lofty point of the Balaton Riviera, on top of a 225 m high hill of dolomite, the Balaton Highland Natural Park has erected a belvedere with the help of the Vonyarcvashegy Municipality back in 2002.

Millennium Monument
GPS: 46.756828, 17.316921

The Millennium Monument was erected in the Year of the Millennium by the Municipality of Vonyarcveshegy, according to the plans and works of local wood carver artist, Lajos Major.

St Michael Hill and St Michael Chapel
GPS: 46.752697, 17.333298The 136 m tall dolomite formation used to be an island in ancient times. A small castle was constructed on top of the hill in the 13th century, which has since then been blown away by the winds of change, except for the small chapel within. According to popular belief, the chapel was constructed in 1729 by those 40 fishermen, who had luckily escaped from a devastating storm on Lake Balaton. The legend attached to the chapel is a mixture of fact and fiction.
Red Cross
GPS: 46.761679,17.317854The wooden crucifixes with tin corpuses along the land roads are parts of rural religious art. They have usually been erected to commemorate significant events. Yet we do not know why exactly the „Red Cross” was erected. Still, all of its characteristics are familiar with the wooden crucifixes so popular all over the Carpathian Basin. It is surrounded by a short fence, to remind the passers-by that this is a sacred place. The fence also serves as a protection for the crucifix.
GPS: 46.754505, 17.31293Senior játszótérnek is nevezett kültéri fitneszparkot avatak a vonyarcvashegyi Lidó strandon. Biztos hogy a létesítmény a helybeliek és a vendégek számára egyaránt vonzó lesz.

Nearby sights you cannot miss

Distance: 5.6 kmAlso known as the Capital of Lake Balaton, the town of Keszthely boasts a history of 750 years and a rich cultural heritage: 8 museums, including the world famous Castle Festetics, are looking forward to visitors.Internet:
Castle Festetics
Distance: 6.4 kmAs a symbolic site of Keszthely. Castle Festetics is the third largest castle in Hungary, attracting millions of tourists every year.Internet:
Lake Heviz
Distance: 11.8 kmLake Heviz is the world’s largest natural medical spa lake suitable for bathing. The town of Heviz, renowned for its world famous medical services, has recently become a top favourite among tourists thanks to its wellness hotels.Internet:
Balaton Minor
Distance: 21 kmThe Balaton Minor region is rich both in natural and cultural heritage, enjoying national protection on most of its area. If you like Nature, you will find unforgettable experiences here.Internet:
Distance: 23 kmBadacsony is famous for its volcanic hill of a characteristic shape, its wine culture and the series of wine cellars: you have to visit the cellars of local vine-dressers on a hot summer afternoon!Internet:

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