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Welcome to Vonyarcvashegy!
Vonyarcvashegy is a popular holiday village located at the North shore of Lake Balaton, on the Southern slopes of the Keszthely Hills. The streets of our 2,400 strong village reach from the Balaton’s bay at Keszthely to the top of the Keszthely Hills, where you can experience a stunning panorama of the lake and its surroundings. More about Vonyarcvashegy ›
Lido BeachExtremely popular among the youth, the Lido Beach of Vonyarcvashegy provides entertainment unique among the Balaton beaches with its beach windsurf school, water-ski course and aquatic show stage.More about the beach ›
Places of interestVonyarcvashegy can boast a number of sights. World famous places of interest in the Balaton region include the Castle Festetics, the water forest habitat of Balaton Minor, and the natural spa of Lake Hévíz – all within gripping distance.List of sights ›
Topical programsVonyarcvashegy welcomes her visitors with a series of events spanning the entire summer. The village provides a number of opportunities to sporting and nature enthusiasts, too.All the programmes ›
AccommodationsSpend the night in Vonyarcvashegy! At our website you can see detailed introductions of our accommodation possibilities, all with photos, and you can even get an offer online directly from the quarter-master.List of accommodations ›
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